Seth Green is lucky he can do without much sleep since he’s always working on multiple film and TV projects. The one that keeps him the most busy is Robot Chicken, the Emmy-winning stop-motion animated series he and Matthew Senreich created for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. The duo exec produce/direct/write (with Green doing 35 – 60 voices each week) Robot Chicken, which debuted in February 2005 and has earned great reviews, record ratings and garnered the highest ratings of any Adult Swim program ever. The sketch parody show, which regularly beats all other ad-supported cable and many network shows in the ratings, lampoons pop culture and current events and features lots of Green’s celebrity friends doing voiceovers, many as themselves or their famous characters. The show’s fourth season is currently airing.

Green directed November’s Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II, which featured Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams and Ahmed Best reprising their roles from the Star Wars films and a host of celebrity guests. Robot Chicken: Star Wars earned Green last year’s Annie Award for directing (he’s nominated again this year) and the show an Emmy nomination. The DVD immediately became the top-selling TV show on DVD. Green and Senreich’s Stoopid Monkey Prods. also produce feature films along with their TV show and specials.

Green co-stars with John Travolta and Robin Williams in Disney’s comedy, Old Dogs, scheduled to open in theatres November 25. He’s making new episodes of Family Guy (as son Chris Griffin), Fox’s hit animated comedy series and guested on Heroes this winter and reprised his Entourage role as the fictional a-hole version of Seth Green this season. He and Hugh Sterbakov created The Freshmen, a successful comic book series for Top Cow. Green garnered raves for starring in Paramount’s Without a Paddle, The Italian Job and Party Monster. He began starring in films at age 8 and remains funny, original, low-key, brilliant and a known scene-stealer. Entertainment Weekly previously named him Best TV Actor and E! Entertainment Television’s poll proclaimed Green the hottest young actor in Hollywood. He’s equally popular among critics and fans.

Green starred in all three of New Line’s record-breaking Austin Powers films. He co-starred in America’s Sweethearts and had starring roles Rat Race and Knockaround Guys and Can’t Hardly Wait. If you’re a Woody Allen fan, Green was the lead, a young Allen, in Radio Days. He has numerous other films and many previous television series to his credit including Four Kings, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Greg the Bunny.

For more information on Seth Green, go to sethgreenonline.com.

Guitar: Gibson SG / Acrylic

Guitar artist
:Kimber Gorbman

The Seth Green / Robot Chicken guitar will be publicly displayed at Gallery One in downtown Petaluma from late January until the Gala (February 28, 2009). Gallery One is located at 209 Western Ave. in Petaluma, CA. For more information about this exhibit, please call Gallery One at (707) 778-8277.

This guitar will be auctioned on the evening of February 28, 2009 at the Phoenix Guitar Gala & Carnaval.

The auction will take place in the Phoenix and will be broadcast worldwide via the Internet while accepting bids from around the world.

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